Audio GSM bugs with GPS and HQ recording –


GSM bugs, also known as GSM listening devices or GSM wiretap devices, are small electronic devices that can be hidden in any location and used to secretly listen to conversations or record audio.

All 24spyshop GSM audio listening devices are equipped with the latest in a range of digital MEMS microphones designed to transmit audio over the GSM network in the highest possible quality. 

Unlike other GSM spy audio equipment you can find on the market, all 24spyshop GSM audio surveillance devices are equipped with some advanced features : 

  • ADMIN feature that does not allow anyone to access the device. if it is not administrator

  • SLEEP and DEEP SLEEP features, which can dramatically extend battery autonomy.

  • MEMS microphone for best possible audio quality

  • BLACK BOX design for maximum discretion

THE CUBE series of GSM audio transmitters are intended for remote and wireless monitoring where the dimensions of the GSM audio surveillance device itself are very important. Due to GSM audio surveillance device's miniature dimensions (THE CUBE MINI is the smallest GSM transmitter in the world), it is suitable for hiding not only indoors, in vehicles and offices, but also for carrying with a person or in a bag with no fear of being detected.
In order to minimize dimensions and weight, 24spyshop incorporated the smallest possible batteries and placed the devices in a heat shrink tube.
In THE CUBE Series, you can choose from several models that vary in shape and dimensions and of course the battery life.

THE ATOM series is intended for in-vehicle use or installation in flats or offices.
In addition to larger batteries for greater autonomy, the GSM audio listening devices are built into a carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic housing.
ATOM models also have a GPS module for locating via GPS satellites.
In addition to all of the above, the ATOM 1200 has built-in memory that can record audio with recording activation when the sound comes on. Activation of the recording function is made simply by text message. 

THE BURAN series GSM audio listening devices with GPS locator and HQ voice recorder. 
Unlike the ATOM device, the BURAN series of audio eavesdropping listening devices have remarkable additional extra features which make them the best surveillance devices for your security.
Special advantages along the audio listening and GPS locating, also is a built-in voice recorder module that can record sounds in its vicinity in HQ MP3 quality with the possibility of activation to sound. Thus BURAN devices become unique multifunctional 3-in-1 audio eavesdropping listening devices. 

The BURAN audio eavesdropping listening devices are also built into a plastic carbon housing to which can be added strong neodymium magnets for easy attachment to metal surfaces. 
Compared to the other eavesdropping listening devices the BURAN series are the best eavesdropping listening device since includes a coded cable so that no one can charge or read the recordings.
Black box design without any marks on it, which is standard for all our GSM devices, makes it impossible to search for information about the device to see what it is about, which makes this eavesdropping audio device remarkably discrete.

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