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GPS trackers or GPS locators are devices that use the global positioning system (GPS) to determine the geographical location and speed of movement of objects or vehicles in which they are installed.

They can be used to track the location of vehicles, boats, people, or other objects in real time.

GPS trackers usually use a SIM card to transmit their position to a mobile app or computer where you can track these data in real time. There are various types of GPS trackers, which differ in purpose and characteristics. Some of the most common applications of GPS trackers are:

  • GPS trackers for vehicles or boats: This type is used to track the location and speed of vehicles or boats in real-time. In addition, it allows the review of historical data on movement and other information about the vehicle or boat.
  • GPS tracker for people: These devices are used to track the location of a person in real-time. They can be worn around the neck or integrated into clothing or jewelry. GPS trackers for people is often used to track children or elderly people who need help or to track workers in risky environments.
  • GPS tracker for packages or other objects: These devices are used to track the location of a shipment or package in real-time during transport. They are often used by logistics companies to track the flow of shipments and report on their current location.
  • GPS tracker for animals: These devices are used to track the location of animals in real-time. They are often used to track wild animals for research purposes or to track lost pets.

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