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Hidden SPY cameras are the most commonly used surveillance devices for finding out what is happening in your space in your absence.

Audio Spy devices are a great solution, but hidden cameras also give you a video with an audio recording.

SPY cameras can be roughly divided into the following categories based on how they are used:

  1. Personal hidden cameras

We use them for discreetly recording a meeting or situation, they are worn by a person who knows they have a camera on them, and they are mostly the smallest in size but have the shortest battery autonomy (1-2 hours).
  1. Hidden cameras for rooms

We use them to obtain information about what is happening in our apartment or office in our absence. Cameras are mostly hidden in some of the usual objects for that space, allowing them to be placed in a place where they can record well without arousing anyone's interest or suspicion. They are intended for long-term recording and usually have the autonomy of a few days to several months of recording.
  1. Special-purpose hidden cameras

They are used for special purposes such as hunting cameras for outdoor recording in all weather conditions, without constant power supply, car cameras for recording in vehicles, etc.

In terms of recording, hidden spy cameras can be divided into:

  1. Cameras with recording on a micro SD card

By inserting the card into a computer, we can review the recording. Simple, cheap, and the most common solution, the drawback is that we must often access the camera to remove and review the recordings on the SD card.
  1. WIFI hidden cameras

The most elegant solution. The camera connects to the local Wifi network, which not only allows us to view events live but also to review recordings from the SD card via the internet from any part of the world and to configure and change the camera settings. The review is done via a computer or iPhone and Android application, and we can also receive various alarms about events in the space via push or email.
  1. 4G cameras

If there is no WIFI signal at the location, we use 4G cameras that provide internet through the GSM 4G network.

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