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Wi-Fi cameras have become the most widely used surveillance spy camera model for home use in recent years.

Wi-Fi spy camera is connected wirelessly to your home Wi-Fi router, making it instantly part of your home network without pulling cables around the apartment. You can view the camera image directly on any computer, smartphone, tablet online or online from anywhere in the world.

Using P2P technology, networking and configuring Wi-Fi cameras becomes easy, each camera has its own serial number or QR code, which is scanned by a cell phone and the camera is instantly visible over the internet. No settings or spy camera applications are required on your home router, you just need to know the password to access the wifi network.

All Wi-Fi cameras can record events on a micro SD card on time, also they can record online or at a scheduled time, they can send email alerts or push-up messages to a mobile phone when someone shows up, so they can also serve as reliable hidden alarm devices and covert video surveillance.

Due to Wi-Fi spy camera simplicity to hide and video recording unlimited range, 24spyshop spy cameras are also extremely convenient as surveillance video hidden cameras for discreet and seamless security of your home. 

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