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Student Spy discrete communication set consist of 4G Camera, Bluetooth loopset BLACK ICE, and a mini Spy Earpiece.

Depending on your needs, these Spy student items you can buy separately or as a full set.
The Spy-box set is spy equipment for covert audio communication which includes the Spy Earbud, the smallest on the market, and the Bluetooth loopset BLACK ICE with an integrated highly responsive microphone and the thinnest necklace, in diameter only 3mm, which covers an unlimited listening distance of. The Spy-box set is on the 24spyshop and is available also separately. 

The Student video Spy set with a 4G Camera, Bluetooth loopset BLACK ICE, and Spy Earpiece is best spy equipment for live video and audio secret communication.


For discrete and covert eavesdropping hide the spy earpiece inside your ear, and the supported Bluetooth loopset is thin enough to be securely hidden under your clothing.
The spy earpiece is the smallest in the world therefore when is hidden in the ear becomes invisible to other people around you.
Loopset under your clothing is Bluetooth paired with your mobile phone.
You can discretely start with covert audio communication when an outgoing or incoming call is made to/from your mobile phone. 

When call is accepted, covert communication can be heard in your earpiece. When you speak the caller can also hear you due to the highly responsive mic hidden in your Bluetooth necklace.
Two way audio covert communication is completely discrete and invisible to anybody who may be closely watching you. The Spy earpiece set is user-friendly in all situations when covert audio support from the outside is required for better confidence.

A 4G Camera is the smallest wearable spy camera that is used for live video streaming communication via 4G LTE mobile phone network.
This 4G Camera captures high-quality live video enabling the live streaming for covert communication. 
Another party has a live view of what the camera sees via a mobile phone or tablet over the internet without distance limitation.
4G Camera works both on Android and Apple devices. For the live streaming view, an app installation from Google Play or Apple Store is needed.
During the live stream, you can make screen snapshots and save them for later viewing.

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