GSM audio bug DIY (do it yourself ) version

DIY (do it yourself) GSM covert audio listening device without battery and with the smallest possible dimensions intended for independent installation in any device with a constant power supply of 5V / 12V or 220 V thus achieving an unlimited duration.
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If you want to install a GSM audio bug in an object of your choice, and you have the minimum technical skills to connect it to the power supply, this is the best device for you.
The problem with all the devices you can buy online is that they are visible to everyone. You never know when someone will find the device you bought on one of the many spy shop sites online.DIY solutions, when you install one of the spy devices in an existing object in your environment by yourself, are the best and most discreet solutionOur GSM DIY bug can install in any device with a constant power supply, 5 or 12, or 220 V.
The minimum dimensions of the device allow you to easily install it in a radio, TV, clock, DVBT receiver DVD player, lamp, or any other device with a constant power supply in your environment.
5 Items