THE CUBE - GSM audio bug

If you want a portable GSM audio bug with longer battery life and still minimal dimensions then the CUBE model of GSM audio listening devices is the right choice for your audio surveillance and live monitoring. 
Because of these requirements, the CUBE model of GSM audio listening devices has the smallest battery possible, which despite its minimal dimensions and capacity, has a respectable 7-10 days battery life in low power standby mode, to an incredible 8 months in deep sleep mode.
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By hiding the CUBE model of GSM audio listening devices in a supervised and monitored area you have the opportunity to hear everything that happens in the area anytime and from anywhere, as well as the opportunity to be warned when somebody enters the supervised area. Insert any operator's SIM card into the CUBE model of GSM audio listening devices and with a call from your cell phone, you can listen to everything that happens near the GSM audio listening device, without range limitations.
In addition, this GSM audio listening device incorporates sound and vibration sensors that will alert you by calling on your cell phone when a sound or vibration occurs in the protected area. Thus, this GSM audio listening device becomes a small alarm.
The alarming function and the choice of sensor types can be remotely turned on and off via text message.
The CUBE model of GSM audio listening device is suitable for indoor surveillance of the apartment, office, or vehicle, and because of the minimal dimensions, surveillance of a person, bag, or other personal items.
Dimensions of only 44 x 21 x 12 mm, including battery and antenna, make this GSM audio listening device model one of the smallest in the world, the size of a sugar cube.

Battery life is 7-10 days in standby mode, and 8 months in deep sleep mode.

Microphone: 3D MEMS; 

Antenna: 3G GSM integrated antenna;


Made in the EU.


The CUBE model of GSM audio listening devices advanced features:

ADMINISTRATOR NUMBER - only you can manage the device, and listen to the trough. Calls from non-admin numbers are not possible;

SLEEP MODE- a battery saver mode in which the battery can last for 24 hours on standby. The device shuts down all unnecessary processes and optimizes for minimal battery consumption;

DEEP SLEEP MODE - remotely switching off and on the device at a predefined schedule, allows the device to shut itself down without consuming battery power at a time when you do not need it, and to restart at the time you have defined. 6 Months is the battery lifetime in deep-sleep mode;

MEMS microphone - low noise microphone adapted for use in GSM communication;

LBS locating - The device has the ability to locate via  LBS base stations; 

SOUND ALARM - If you turn on this feature, the device will alert you if it receives sound in the room;

VIBRATING ALARM - If you turn this feature on, the device will alert you if it shakes;

NANO SIM- the device uses the smallest NANO sim card of any operator.
5 Items