GSM ATOM 1200 audio transmitter with integrated GPS locator

By placing this GSM audio transmitter with an integrated GPS locator in a monitored space, you have the ability to hear everything that happens anytime, anywhere, and to be alerted when someone enters a protected space.
Insert any operator's NANO SIM card into this GSM audio transmitter with an integrated GPS locator
, and listen to the communication from your mobile phone call which is discussed near him, with no limitation in range.

In addition, this GSM audio transmitter with an integrated GPS locator has a built-in sound and vibration sensor that will activate and alert you by calling your cell phone when sound or vibration occurs in the enclosed space.
So this GSM audio transmitter with an integrated GPS locator can be used as
a small alarm.
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The alarm function and sensor type selection can be switched on or off remotely via SMS.
Suitable for home, office, or vehicle control, this GSM audio transmitter with an integrated GPS locator is the best security device for indoor and outdoor surveillance.

Unlike cheaper devices on a market, our PRO model has the following advantages:

* Low power mode, for long battery life, even 30 days on standby;
* Programming an administrator number (no one but you can access the device, even if it knows the SIM card number in it);
* The device has 3 microphones with an ALC preamplifier and a noise filter for better listening;
* Location function can show you the exact location of the device via GPS satellite
* Dimensions 45x34x19 mm;
* carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic housing 
( black box design without any marks on it)

* coded USB cable for maximum discretion ( no one without the original coded USB cable can not connect the device to the PC or charge it)
* Made in the EU.
5 Items