THE BURAN 500 - GSM audio listening device and HQ voice recorder

The BURAN series of GSM audio listening devices and HQ voice recording devices is a combination of audio spy GSM listening devices and HQ voice recorders in one housing.
Premium audio recorder with voice activation and long battery life combined with GSM audio listening device with top MEMS microphone included in only one housing, minimal dimensions.
The BURAN series of covert listening devices are also built into a plastic carbon housing to which can be added strong neodymium magnets for easy attachment to metal surfaces.
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Black box design without any indications makes it impossible to search for information about the device to see what it is about which makes this eavesdropping audio device remarkably discrete. 

All BURAN 500 series of audio eavesdropping listening devices can be equipped with super strong neodymium magnets or an external microphone of your choice. 


* ADMINISTRATOR NUMBER - only you can manage the device and listen to the trough. Calls from non-admin numbers are not possible.
* SLEEP MODE- a battery-saver mode in which the battery can last for 400 hours on standby. The device shuts down all unnecessary processes and optimizes for minimal battery consumption.
* DEEP SLEEP MODE - remotely switching off and on the device at a predefined schedule, allows the device to shut itself down without consuming battery power at a time when you do not need it, and to restart at the time you have defined. 6 Months is the battery lifetime in deep-sleep mode.
* 3D MEMS microphone - low noise microphone adapted for use in GSM communication.
* LBS locating - The device has the ability to locate via LBS base stations.
* SOUND ALARM - If you turn on this feature, the device will activate and alert you if it receives sound in the room.
* VIBRATING ALARM - If you turn this feature on, the device will alert you if it shakes.
* NANO SIM - the device uses the smallest NANO sim card of any operator.


* POWER SLEEP technology, saving the battery when there are no conversations;
* MP3 recording format (48kHz sampling freq.);
* Coded USB cable for PC connection (without the original coded cable is impossible to read out the recording);
* BLACK BOX design (no label on the device);
* Adjusting voice activation level and recording quality via special PC software;
* ALC function allows the whisper and loud conversation to be heard excellently;
Each recording is in a separate file, which makes the listening simple and clear.


  • Battery life in Sleep mode 1800 hours( when GSM is OFF);
  • Battery life in recording 75 hours ( when GSM is OFF);
  • Battery life in GSM standby mode 200 hours ( recording is OFF);
  • MP3 recording format (48kHz sampling freq.);
  • Voice activation with PC software for select activation voice level in 5 steps;
  • ALC preamplifier for superior sound;
  • Each recording is in a separate file;
  • Dimensions 47 * 23 * 18mm;
  • Made in the EU.
5 Items