SPY voice recorder 40 hours

MR-40 SPY voice recorder is a simple sound recorder that is distinguished by its small dimensions, simplicity of use, and excellent sound quality
High-quality built-in microphone and preamplifier compression allows you to record even very quiet conversations.
MR-40 SPY voice recorder captures a whisper at a distance of 5 meters while a normal conversation can be captured at a distance of up to 15 meters.
MR-40 SPY voice recorder is suitable for discreet and safe recording in a room, or vehicle or can be securely carried on by a person.
Recorded material can listen to on the computer, connected via a USB cable.
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MR-40 SPY voice recorder records in WAV format without any compression, which allows excellent recording quality and the listening itself very simple.
Special PC software for visualization of audio recordings comes with the MR-40 SPY voice recorder, which allows you to easily listen to and edit the recordings. The entire conversation is visualized by a phonogram on the screen, and you decide which part you want to listen to with a simple click of the mouse.
Listening to the recordings is done by connecting the portable MR-40 SPY voice recorder to any PC using the supplied USB cable.

MR-40 SPY portable voice recorder specifications:

* Battery life recording 40 hours
4Gb of memory (sufficient for 70 hours of recording)
VAW recording format (16khz sampling freq.)
ALC preamplifier for superior sound
* Each recording is in a separate file
* Date and time of creation in every recording
* Dimensions: 43 * 20 * 12 mm.


* Miniature dimensions;
* Excellent audio sound quality;
* Special PC software for visualization and a quick listening of long recordings;
BLACK BOX design (no labels on the device);
* ALC function allows the whisper and loud conversation to be heard excellently;
* Each recording is in a separate file, which makes the listening simple and clear;
* Made in the EU.
4 Items