CR-75 SPY recorder 75/1800 hours - SLEEPER

The unique and patented POWER SLEEP technology enables this audio recording device to have long-lasting operation in a state when there is no sound or conversation in the room. As soon as the talking stops, the audio recording device ends the current recording and enters the SLEEP mode, where it almost saves the battery, as soon as the sound appears the audio recording device is activated and starts recording again.
This function allows you to use your audio recording device in situations where you cannot access the rooms often, or if you are absent for a long time and want to have control over the conversation in your absence.
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Recordings are made in MP3 format (48kHz sampling frequency), which provides excellent quality and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio. The mini voice recorder captures a whisper at a distance of 2-3 meters and normal speech even up to 15 meters.
ALC (automatic level control), a built-in microphone preamplifier allows the weaker and louder sounds to be equally heard; the weaker are amplified, and (too) loud are lowered, thus achieving excellent audibility in real user conditions.
Listening to the recordings is done by connecting the mini voice recorder to any PC using the supplied specially coded USB cable. The USB connection cable is not of the commercial type and cannot be copied, which allows you discretion and safety if someone finds your mini voice recorder. Without the original cable is impossible to read out the recordings.
Besides the coded USB cable, the mini voice recorder does not contain any labels on it (black - box), so if someone finds the mini voice recorder, the person cannot know or google what is the exact purpose of the audio recording bug.
The audio recording bug has PC software to adjust the recording quality (2 steps), the sensitivity of the voice activation (5 steps), and adjust the date and time.

CR-75 spy audio recording device specifications:

* Battery life in Sleep mode 1800 hours (3 months);
* Battery life in recording 75 hours (3 days);
MP3 recording format (48kHz sampling freq.);
ALC preamplifier for superior sound;
* Each recording is in a separate file;
* Dimensions 50 * 23 * 16 mm.


* POWER SLEEP technology, saving the battery when there are no conversations;
* MP3 recording format (48kHz sampling freq.);
* Coded USB cable for PC connection (without the original coded cable is impossible to read out the recording);
* BLACK BOX design (no label on the device);
* Adjusting voice activation level and recording quality via special PC software;
* ALC function allows the whisper and loud conversation to be heard excellently;
* Each recording is in a separate file, which makes the listening simple and clear;
* Made in the EU.
4 Items