SALYUT Wifi audio bug is the latest generation of audio monitoring devices without distance limitation. Live listen to HQ audio, record with voice activation, download recordings, change settings, and much more via the mobile app. SALYUT 1200 is a stand-alone battery power device.

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SALYUT 1200 WiFi audio monitoring device is placed in the monitored room, very easily paired with your router via Bluetooth connection and mobile application, and is ready to work.

Through the mobile application, you can:
* listen live to what is happening in the room in super HQ sound quality
* be notified when a sound occurs in the monitored area
* listen to and download all recorded events
* change all settings on the device

In addition to these main functionalities, the application also offers you the following:

*Adjusting the activation sensitivity to sound
*Turning the notification on and off
*Formatting the SD card, viewing the occupied memory
*Remote listening and downloading of recordings on an SD card
*Change operating mode, continuous mode, or low power mode
*Adjusting the duration of the recording
*Battery charge overview
*Easily share device access with friends and family


Dimensions: 50x35x20xmm
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Battery duration:
- 20 hours of live listening ( Wifi ON, Recording ON)
- 60 hours on standby ( Wifi standby, Recording standby)
- 20 days in sleep ( Wify sleep, Recording standby).
Connectivity: 2,4Ghz wifi network ( 5G wifi network is not supported).
SD card: micro SD card 16-64 Gb supported.
Recording : WaV format , 128kbps, memory consumption 1Mb/ minute , 512 hours /32Gb.
Downloading over Wifi speed:
1min recording / 5-sec download

-5 min recording / 25-sec download
-10 min recording / 1 min Download.

5 Items