WIFI audio bug and voice recorder integrated into a normal functional 5V / 2A travel adapter.

The adapter is fully functional, serving as the most normal charger for mobile phones, tablets, or any 5V USB device.

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MRIYA WIFI AUDIO BUG AND VOICE RECORDER integrated into normal working 5V/2A travel adapter


-Live listening is super HQ

-Local voice recording on SD card with voice activation

-Download and playback recordings with a mobile app

-Loop recording

-Possible to format SD card remotely from the app

-Voice activation alarm with a push message

-Voice recording duration selectable ( 1 min- 30 min)

-Voice activation sensitivity selectable

-Low-power standby

-32Gb memory integrated


-Live audio listening in super HQ

-Local recording in 128kbps, wav format

-Fast download of recordings through mobile app:

1 min recording – 5-sec download

30 min recording – 1,5 min Download

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 90x42x22 mm
Working time: unlimited when the adapter is connected in 220V
Backup battery capacity: 500mAh ( used only when the cable is disconnected from 220V).

Backup battery duration:

  •   7 hours of live listening ( Wifi ON, Recording ON)

  •  24 hours on standby ( Wifi standby, Recording standby)

  •  7 days in sleep ( Wify sleep, Recording standby).

Connectivity: 2,4Ghz wifi network ( 5G wifi network is not supported).
SD card: micro SD 32 Gb integrated, ( capable to record 512 hours).
Recording: WaV format, 128kbps, Voice activation, memory consumption 1Mb/ minute, 512 hours /32Gb.
Downloading over Wifi speed: 1min recording / 5-sec download
                                                 5 min recording / 25-sec download
                                                 10 min recording / 1 min Download.

5 Items