VR-40 miniature spy camera captures images and sound on the micro SD card. The date and time on the tape. Invisible camera lenses.

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If you need a spy camera that needs to be as small as possible, and you've had enough of 40 minutes of battery life, VR40 is the ideal solution.

It is recorded on a micro SD card, the camera lens is invisible, and the dimensions are only 5 * 2 * 1 cm.

The recording resolution is 1080*960 pix.

Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery lasts 40 minutes.

Set the date and time.


Technical characteristics:

Resolution: 1280*960pix, 30fps

Shooting angle: 70 degrees

Battery life: 40 minutes

Memory usage: approx. 1GB per hour of recording

Max memory micro SD card: 16Gb

Dimensions: 5*2*1 cm.


If you also need a micro SD card, select it from the option EXTRAS.

5 Items